Pin Grading

A guide to the pin grading system we use here on Sparkle Story PH.

All pins are categorized under different grades in terms of quality of the pins. This will help you decide which pins you would like to purchase from our shop.


Standard grade pins are nearly perfect to absolutely perfect pins.

These pins at most may have a tiny speck, scratch or very small unnoticeable defects that are natural to the nature of handmade products. These imperfections will not be seen normally- only when you look very close.


B-Grade pins are slightly flawed pins. 

They make contain some of the following defects that are possibly in enamel pin manufacturing:

- Specks of dirt, spots.

- Low enamel fill in certain areas.

- Slight tarnishing of metal.

- Imperfect screen printing details.

- Small spills of color.

- Small miscolorations.

- Other imperfections.

These flaws in no way affect the overall intended look of the design, and still completely function as a normal pin. Most of the time- flaws will be noticed when looking closely only.


Please be sure to read and decide which grade of pins you want. Some grades aren't an option due to availability. Price varies depending on the grade of the pin.